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Web Hosting

Elevate your web hosting game with our cutting-edge data centers, delivering clients worldwide faster, more reliable, and secure services that leave a lasting mark.

Choose the web hosting that is right for you

Favihost offers hosting solutions for everyone. Whether you're just starting out or a hosting guru, our plans are tailored to meet the distinct needs of our customers.


Designed for beginners who need to get fast online


*First year price only. Renews at regular price $5.99/mo.

Starter Plan is an ideal choice for those looking to effortlessly launch their online presence. Get essential tools and simplicity to get you started on your digital journey with ease.


Tailored for startups and small businesses


*First year price only. Renews at regular price $5.99/mo.

Our Growth Plan offers essential hosting features for reliable and affordable web hosting, making it ideal for moderate-traffic websites and those looking to expand steadily.


Powerful to elevate your growing website or blog


*First year price only. Renews at regular price $5.99/mo.

Enjoy lightning-fast performance, boosted resources, and advanced security for a seamless user experience as you maximize your site's potential and delight your customers.


Tailored for e-commerce and high-traffic websites


*First year price only. Renews at regular price $5.99/mo.

FaviHost's Business Plan offers robust hosting with dedicated resources, priority support, and 24/7 monitoring. Turbocharge your online business with premium features.

A Hosting for Every Need

Not sure which hosting plan aligns with your needs? Choose your solution, and we'll help you narrow down the best high-speed options tailored just for you.

The Ambitious Store Owner

Transition from local acclaim to online sensation without tech hurdles. Embrace a wider audience with our seamless e-commerce solutions, mirroring your physical store’s excellence. Begin your online success story!

Expand Beyond Walls: Dive into E-Commerce!

Imagine you're a store owner ready to step into e-commerce. Our user-friendly solutions make the transition easy. Expand your reach effortlessly and manage it all with a few clicks. Your online store, a reflection of your physical success, welcomes a new era of growth. Explore the potential of e-commerce with us.
Launch Your Success!

The Innovative Consultant

Amplify your innovative ideas with a digital platform that handles your outreach. From effortless appointment scheduling to content management, focus solely on revolutionizing your field.

Showcase Your Brilliance, Effortlessly!

Imagine you're a consultant with groundbreaking ideas. However, reaching your audience online, managing appointments, and content sharing has been a struggle. Our tailored consultant package transforms your outreach. Your insights find a home in a sleek, professional website, complete with booking solutions. Networking events and client meetings are now easily scheduled, letting your innovations take center stage.
Elevate Your Impact!

The Passionate Blogger

Write, inspire, and change lives without worrying about the digital maze. Our intuitive tools handle the technicalities, ensuring your stories echo across the globe, touching hearts.

Your Voice, Unleashed!

Envision yourself as a blogger with stories that can change the world. Yet, the digital landscape, SEO, and website management are not your friends. Our blogger suite lets you focus on your words, not the wires. Dive into writing as our SEO tools make sure your stories reach far and wide, touching lives and making a difference, one post at a time.
Amplify Your Voice!

The Non-Profit Organizer

Let your noble mission resonate online as loudly as it does in the real world. Propel your message, mobilize volunteers, and secure donations effortlessly with our specialized non-profit platform.

Amplify Your Cause, Win More Hearts!

Consider yourself at the helm of a non-profit. Your cause is great, but your message isn't reaching donors or volunteers effectively online. Our non-profit platform amplifies your voice. With easy event announcements, donation buttons, and compelling storytelling layouts, your mission finds supporters and your community grows stronger and more connected.
Empower Your Mission!

The Homegrown Artisan

Turn your craftsmanship into an online narrative. From showcasing to selling, our comprehensive solution places your unique creations in the spotlight they deserve, building your community of enthusiasts.

Craft Your Online Niche!

Think of yourself as an artisan, your creations unique and close to your heart. But the thought of selling online, managing inventory, and customer interactions feels daunting. Our artisan e-commerce solution is your online craft fair. Showcase each item's story, connect with customers, and manage sales with heartfelt ease. Your creations deserve an audience, and we help you build it.
Craft Digital Presence!

The Trailblazing Startup Entrepreneur

Embark on your business journey with a digital presence as innovative as your ideas. From captivating sites to robust marketing tools, our all-in-one platform is the wind beneath your startup wings, propelling you towards unparalleled growth and success.

Ignite the Market: Launch with a Bang!

Picture yourself leading a cutting-edge startup. Our comprehensive solution is your launchpad into the digital world. Create a dynamic website, compelling pitch decks, and seamless social integration. We provide the tools; you focus on innovation. Your digital footprint will match your entrepreneurial spirit.
Launch With Impact!

Web Hosting Plans


Tailored for startups and small businesses


*First year price only. Renews at regular price $8.99/mo.

1 Website
5GB Web Space
200GB Web Traffic
5 Email Accounts
3GB Per Email Account
Nightly/Weekly Backups
Security Suite
1 FTP Account
1MySQL Database
100 Emails Per Hour
Parked Domains
Git Version Control
SSH Access & Terminal
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Tailored for startups and small businesses


*First year price only. Renews at regular price $14.99/mo.

3 Websites
10GB Web Space
500GB Web Traffic
15 Email Accounts
3GB Per Email Account
Nightly/Weekly Backups
Enhanced Security Suite
3 FTP Accounts
3 MySQL Databases
300 Emails Per Hour
3 Subdomains
3 Parked Domains
Git Version Control
SSH Access & Terminal
Show features


Tailored for startups and small businesses


*First year price only. Renews at regular price $26.99/mo.

Unlimited Websites
40Gb Web Space
Unlimited Web Traffic
Unlimited Email Accounts
5GB Per Email Account
Nightly/Weekly Backups
Enhanced Security Suite
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Emails Per Hour
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Git Version Control
SSH Access & Terminal
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Common Features Across All Plans


Experience ultra-fast performance with NVMe SSD storage, up to 20x faster than standard hosting.

Excellent Service

Our dedicated support team is here to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Money-back Guarantee

Try our services risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're committed to your satisfaction. Experience our services with confidence, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Webmail Access

Stay Connected Anywhere: Seamless webmail access to keep you in touch with your business communications.

Softaculous Apps Installer

One-Click Convenience: Effortlessly install hundreds of apps with the power of Softaculous Apps Installer.

Multiple PHP Versions

Customized Performance: Choose from multiple PHP versions for optimal compatibility and performance.

Website Security

Safeguard your data with SSL, robust hack and malware protection, and advanced DDoS prevention.

Free Auto SSL

Secure by Default: Free Auto SSL for your peace of mind, ensuring encrypted connections and improved SEO.

Free CDN

Speed Without Borders: Leverage our free CDN for faster page loads and a global reach.

Free LiteSpeed Caching

Turbocharged Websites: Experience blazing-fast load times with free LiteSpeed Caching.

Powerful Tools

Access SSH, GIT version control, and more for full hosting environment control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting is tailored to meet the unique requirements of web hosting, providing an environment optimized for superior performance, security, and user-friendliness. By focusing exclusively on web hosting, we offer enhancements such as one-click installations, automatic updates, and dedicated support, resulting in a seamless website experience.

Certainly! Migrating your current website to FaviHost is a straightforward process. Our team is available to guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime. To initiate the transfer, contact our support team or follow the instructions in our migration guide located in the help section.

Security is a top priority at FaviHost. We employ proactive measures, including regular software updates, data encryption, and custom security configurations, to protect your website. Our hosting plans include a Security Shield with features like malware scanning, automatic security patches, and a web application firewall for added protection.

Yes, speed is a primary advantage of choosing FaviHost’s hosting services. We leverage advanced technologies such as SSD drives, server-level caching, and a global CDN to ensure fast content delivery worldwide. Our infrastructure is specifically optimized for hosting, resulting in quicker load times, enhancing both user experience and search engine rankings.

Absolutely! Our hosting services are compatible with a wide range of plugins, including WooCommerce. Our support team is well-versed in various plugin-related aspects and can assist with any inquiries or issues. While we offer comprehensive hosting support, please note that the website owner bears the ultimate responsibility for the functionality of their website, including plugin and theme matters.

FaviHost prides itself on providing exceptional, round-the-clock customer support for all our WordPress Hosting clients. You can reach us at any time via live chat, email, or phone. Our team consists of WordPress-savvy experts who are equipped to handle technical inquiries, assist with website optimization, and provide guidance to help you navigate any challenges you face with your WordPress site.

Expert Help at Your Fingertips

Our customer support team is just a click away. Contact us for personalized assistance and quick solutions.